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Students, parents, and teachers increasingly appreciate that the purpose of school is so much bigger than the in-class experience. And meanwhile, software vendors, administrators, even parents have delegated too much responsibility for students' learning experiences to systems and tools that are alienating learners. Previous 1-to-1 technology initiatives focused on putting a machine in every student's hands. Fanschool wants to put human beings in front of each other to become the first scalable 1-on-1 teaching-learning ecosystem.

Fanschool is charged with solving this problem by acknowledging that the solution starts with students: the learner as scholar and citizen. We use the internet as the textbook and the world as the classroom. Our mission is to create a tool that is so embedded in a scholar’s entire learning experience, it will be almost invisible. Let's share the real secrets of success this decade and start seeing that more in our school cultures!

Eric Nelson
Co-Founder, Community Director